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Welcome! Use Coupon Code: BEARISH for 25% off all books in the Bearish Books Collection!
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A Look at the Second Half of 2021

Bearish Update Christopher Myers

This year so far has been nothing short of amazing and challenging for the two of us here at Bearish. We have met so many people in the Flesh and Blood world from big-time investors down to casual players and are positioning ourselves to compete as well!

We have been sending a lot of communication to our customers behind the scenes and think it is high time to give everyone an update where we are at.

--Acrylic Cases--

Our newest products to the Bearish family are the acrylic cases that are designed for the consistently growing trading card game Flesh and Blood. We have had some struggles with the shipping of our first two products but those days are finally behind us. We received notice last week that the container our product was being shipped in was loaded onto a cargo ship and is in route to the States. When we have an exact date that we will receive the cases, we will give a clearer update as to when we are expected to receive them. As it stands and barring any major interruptions, the cases look like they will be in our hands by the end of the month of August but that is based on the information we have at this time.

The third case design, the acrylic pack case, has been tested by our supplier this week and the early results look beautiful. We are expecting to hear back from our supplier again this week to discuss shipment of the prototypes and we believe we will have the prototypes within the next two to three weeks. Following our inspection, we will be placing an order for the cases to go into full-scale production and when we receive them they will be available for purchase. We do not have any plans to take preorders on these cases.

Lastly, there is a fourth design we are working on right now for the cartons that come from Legend Story Studios (Flesh and Blood's creator). We will be working on finalizing this design sometime after we place our order for the pack cases. It is also predicated on finding the right supplier and if all goes well with the pack cases, we will most likely be using them for all of our cases going forward if they can handle the designs.

--Bearish Books--

Believe it or not, this is where most of our time is spent these days. There has been a heavy loading of books onto eBay primarily, and Amazon secondarily.  The links for both of these can be found on the main page but I have included them in the previous sentence. We believe that to take Bearish Books to the next level will require more manpower and space. The task is monumental. We have great plans for it. We see all of this working hand in hand and the next major step will probably be a warehouse for both Bearish Books and the acrylic cases.


In conclusion, the second half of 2021 is going to be incredible. There is no reason that we shouldn't have all of our cases on hand for the release of Tales of Aria. We are excited to continue expanding our catalog and despite the challenges of the first half of the year, it looks like Bearish is going to come back with a roar! We love you all and thank you for your continued support. 



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