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Welcome! Use Coupon Code: BEARISH for 25% off all books in the Bearish Books Collection!
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Case Updates!

Bearish Update Christopher Myers

Hey everyone,

Lots of stuff to update in regards to the acrylic cases. Please see the updates below and reach out to us with any questions.

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Design Change/Shipment Delay: Everything is still on track for success on our end. There was a change made to reflect our original design that will show up in the final products. Our logo will be rotated 90 degrees and face the back opening of the case as originally intended. The acrylic cases were supposed to be shipped out last Monday but they did not have a cargo ship ready. With that delay, we are still on track for our July estimated delivery to our warehouse and as a silver lining, it allowed us a window of time to have our cases reworked as described above.

New Case Designs: To continue supporting FAB, we have received interest in protecting single packs of cards and have decided to pursue this as our next case design. We have actually designed a case and are in the process of doing a test prototype with a borrowed 3D printer. We will be revealing the design in the coming weeks after we have finalized the order with our manufacturer. Preorders will begin when production begins.

On the heels of this, we will be exploring the idea of creating acrylic cases for cases of cards as well (the official boxes FAB ships to distributors that have four booster boxes in them). We have decided to hold off on pursuing making cases for hero deck boxes due to the recent change Legend Story Studios made with the Monarch hero blitz deck displays. We may explore this again in the future but as of now, due to the limited quantity held by private collectors that is still sealed, it does not make sense to develop a case for these at the moment.

We have also received a lot of interest from our LGSs locally and as far as Virginia for us to develop acrylic cases for the main high valued boxes of other popular games. This includes MTG Collector's Edition, MTG Vintage Boxes, and Pokemon Booster boxes. We are shying away from the idea of developing for Pokemon at this point due to the amount of competition and quality boxes that are currently on the market. MTG though may be getting some love in the near future. We are open to any suggestions for future case development and look forward to hearing from you.

Inventory Update: We have increased the amount of ten-pack cases available in the store. Please remember, if you place an order that exceeds ten cases (excluding the 10-packs because the discount is already worked into the price), you will receive $2.00 off per case but it will not be reflected at the time of checkout. We have to manually on our end refund the discount for individual cases. That means if for some reasons we again run out of ten-packs, you are free to order 10 individual cases and you will be credited back the discount.

If you would like to increase your current order, please reach out to us at support@bearishbooks.com and we can get you to that extra $2.00 discount per case if you are interested.

WTR/ARC/CRU/MON Case Orders: We are all ready here at our warehouse to receive the cases from our manufacturer. We received all of our shipping boxes throughout the course of the last two weeks along with a nifty new gum tape dispenser that has our own branded gum tape (great job Steven)! He's really proud of it so if you like the gum tape, be sure to pat him on the back.

Have a great one everyone! If you are ready to place your order you can click the link below. If you have any questions before ordering, please remember to reach out at support@bearishbooks.com.

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