Welcome! Use Coupon Code: BEARISH for 25% off all books in the Bearish Books Collection!
Welcome! Use Coupon Code: BEARISH for 25% off all books in the Bearish Books Collection!
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Important Pricing Announcement

Bearish Update

This is the same announcement we made on our Facebook so if you have read that, you're ahead of the curve and thank you reading!
TLDR: We are making a big change to how we are pricing our Bearish Books going forward for the foreseeable future. Bearish Books will be priced at $3 flat and will not be dropping in price every week. All books in that category will be set at $1 (yes, $1) for the remainder of this week. At the start of business next Monday the 1st, books will be set at $3.
Long Businessy Explanation: We have been doing time studies on the amount of time it takes to list the books, our throughput of customers, and how we process our inbound inventory and it has warranted this change. In one hour, we can list close to 20 books on our Bearish Books website. In that same time, we can process about 130 books and out of that 130, a good estimate is that 104 of them will be Bearish Books. What this means is that we are creating about four hours of unanswered work every hour and it is creating a backlog. This change to our pricing will allow us to continue focusing on all of our platforms (eBay, Amazon, and Bearish), plus not obligate us to toss away the books at the end of seven weeks. We have room to store these books (albeit limited) and really want to give these books a chance to get in the hands of readers.
Our books at the new price will still be lower than what you find on Amazon, especially if you bundle and save on the shipping. In the future, we intend to go back to the older method when we have more employees and customers to handle the Bearish Book demands. Hey it's all a learning lesson and we appreciate everyone coming along on this journey!

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