Welcome! Use Coupon Code: BEARISH for 25% off all books in the Bearish Books Collection!
Welcome! Use Coupon Code: BEARISH for 25% off all books in the Bearish Books Collection!
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New Year News and Reflections! And the Temperatures Are BEARISH!

Bearish Update Christopher Myers

Hey everyone!

Chris here and boy is it cold in the warehouse. I want to start off by hoping you all had a swell Christmas and New Year's holiday. We have been super busy these last couple of months and have been making lots of new friends thanks to our community's support. We are so thankful for all of our new supporters on Facebook and of course extremely thankful for those of you adopting our Bearish Books. Also we have had some book donations from a few people which we love to help out with as well!

Our current challenges in the warehouse are obviously staying warm. We put up Big Bertha, our Modine propane heater, but she is a very thirsty girl. This has forced us to conserve the heat and layer up until we put up some insulation. I am hoping by the end of January that we make progress on that front. We also helped a local retired bookseller get rid of most of his remaining inventory that was clogging up his warehouse that he is selling. This left us with a huge logistical challenge right before Christmas on how we were going to fit a stuffed load of books in Snowball (our box truck) into our warehouse. A lot of stacking and reorganization took place but we were able to make the mission happen. Down the pipeline, we will have a ton... maybe a couple of tons... of magazine sets being listed that date all the way back to the beginning of the 20th century.

We have had quite a few setbacks and challenges getting the business up and running these past couple months. I cannot stress enough to all of you pursuing your dreams in life to stay the course. We have had to tell ourselves many times along the way to trust the process and the efforts we are putting in are not in vain. Nothing worthwhile is an overnight endeavor when it comes to your definition of success. It takes dedication and patience and at the forefront of all of that is empathizing with the people you are seeking to serve. Shoot for the stars everyone and believe in yourself! If you need help keeping that wind in your sails, feel free to reach out to us. We are highly motivated in not just our own business, but also seeing others succeed in their own passions as well.

Love ya all and hope to either hear from you or serve you soon!

- Chris

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