Welcome! Use Coupon Code: BEARISH for 25% off all books in the Bearish Books Collection!
Welcome! Use Coupon Code: BEARISH for 25% off all books in the Bearish Books Collection!
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About Us

The History

Bearish Books is the culmination of years of work by identical twins Christopher and Steven Myers. Starting off as a passion in general antiquing and reselling, the two eventually found themselves journeying into the world of Amazon. As most beginners do, Christopher and Steven started off selling books and instead of graduating into other forms of other selling, the two decided to go full in on learning the craft of book acquisitions and reselling.

Since then, the two have met many wonderful people both in the digital market and also physical brick-and-mortar stores who've all expressed great passion for the physical medium of books. The twins learned beyond a shadow of a doubt that books are here to stay. There is a genuine love that exists amongst readers and sellers alike and nothing will replace that feel of having a book in your hands.


What is Bearish?

People who don't resell books may not know this but even if you are trying to donate books to local goodwill stores, it can be a struggle to find someone who will take them. Nothing hurts more than taking loads and loads of books to the paper recycler for destruction without giving those books a chance to get into your hands. Bearish is the result of frustrations with the current market and the desire to discover a new way to handle these types of books. For resellers, one thing is always a guarantee - dud books. These are books that unfortunately are just low valued and only desirable to a select few people in the world, books that have oversaturated the market but may still have a high demand, or books that are in worse for wear condition but are still complete. Worse still, the current mediums of selling - Amazon and eBay - have costs behind the scenes that often get passed onto you, the consumer. By introducing Bearish Books, we have eliminated those background costs and hope to one day move even our premium inventory from our other market sources to BearishBooks.com. When buying from us, you simply pay the price you see plus the exact shipping cost - no other hidden fees which results in you keeping more of your hard earned money and still getting the books you love.